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welcome to Rovis worlds!


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I never thought of putting myself in words coz i dont know myself well honestly!!


well,i have heard from ppl that they wanted to pulll my cheeks! i know why now!!

i was born on OCT 9, 1978 at a very leisure time 11AM man! i was born in Delhi but later on moved to Madras when i was 6 months old.I studied in DAV madras till my 4th grade.WE used to stay in TK NAGAR where we had our own home.Was a big one!Moved to Delhi in 1988.Had to get accustomed to the new language and environment.Was admitted into Frank Anthony Public School after facing lot of faliures.Came out of that school with flying colors to join the best school in delhi two years later.Delhi Public School,R.K.Puram in 1991.


With my friends at DCE!.